Because each patient presents differently, dental implants are not one size fits all. There are a variety of implant features to consider, such as diameter, length, application, and prosthetic options. It is important to consider each patient’s anatomy, needs and goals when selecting the appropriate dental implant type. Read on to learn more about the differences between narrow ridge implants vs conventional implants.


Startanius™ NRI (Narrow Ridge Implant) 


Park Dental Research’s Startanius™NRI (Narrow Ridge Implant) is only 1 mm wide at its most narrow point. This allows for implant retained prosthetics even when the ridge is narrow. The narrow design of the apical portion of the implant coupled with the minimally invasive piezo surgical placement allows for successful implantation. The NRI implant still has a conical taper, and a hexed screw-retained connection with a variety of abutments. The narrow ridge implant is designed for long-term stabilization when used for fixed or removable crown and bridge applications. Narrow ridge implants can be an excellent solution for a variety of cases that wouldn’t be considered as candidates for conventional implants.


Conventional Implants


Conventional implants typically have diameters between 3.75 mm and 4.1 mm. These implants have proven over time to provide long-term solutions, and they rarely have complications. Conventional implants are made of medical grade titanium which helps promote osseointegration.


Narrow Ridge Implants vs Conventional Implants


Although both narrow ridge implants and conventional implants can deliver comparable results, the processes and treatment plans differ. Narrow ridge implants, like Park Dental Research’s Startanius™ NRI (Narrow Ridge Implant), are a much safer option for patients with narrow ridges compared to conventional implants because of the thinner design. Narrow ridge implants also have an advantage to conventional implants because they can be placed in thin ridges without the need for augmentation.


Park Dental Research is the leading pioneer in research and development for narrow ridge implants, evolving and changing remarkably through proven innovation and modern technology. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about the benefits of narrow ridge implants vs conventional implants, or visitour website to purchase the Startanius™ NRI (Narrow Ridge Implant) for your practice.



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