Park Dental Aligner kits

Park Dental Aligner™ Kit Includes:

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Approve / Purchase Park Dental Aligner Kit

Review and Approve Your Treatment Plan
Once you have reviewed your patient’s the treatment plan, you have the option to:
 - Cancel the treatment if you are not satisfied with plan 
 - Pause with a request for additional modifications before approval
 - Approve the treatment plan if it is satisfactory

Please note that your approval of treatment plan is considered consent to proceed with the manufacturing of the series of clear aligners for your patient.

Purchase Park Dental Aligner Kit
To purchase the Park Dental Aligner Kit simply click the approve via EasyRx® button to consent to the treatment plan. If you do not have payment information on file, a Park Dental customer representative will call to help set up your account and payment preferences.

After the complete series of aligners have been fabricated, your patient’s Park Dental Aligners kit is assembled and shipped directly to you. You will be provided with shipping and tracking information for your order through theEasyRx® portal.


For additional questions and support, please visit our FAQs/Online Resources Page
or call one of our Product Specialists at 1-800-243-7372 option 3.

Park Dental Aligner™ Pricing

$75 per approved treatment plan
$22 per aligner or retainer 
($23 per nighttime aligner)

If your case reaches our Pricing Cap* of $1195 ($1250 for Park Dental Dream Aligners), the rest of your case, within 36 months, is free**.

*Usually about 12 months
**Includes any treatment plans, aligners or retainers needed to treat one patient. This includes: the aligners in the initial shipment, two refinements, and three replacements. Additionally, you may order up to two sets of retainers every six months.
Shipping fees are not included.

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