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Bacoban® is a patented surface disinfectant which uses a completely
new approach.

It uses a semi-permanent nano scale layer of SiO2 (better known as Liquid Glass). This layer holds within it, anti-pathogen agents, which are slowly released whilst the surface is in place (up to 10 days). Not only is Bacoban effective against bacteria but it is also effective against a wide range of pathogens including Hepatitis, Influenza, HIV, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, and Corona Virus.


The unique formula in Bacoban® protects surfaces, making them easier to clean. It is specially designed to release a new layer of protection each time the surface is touched, giving you the ability to attack pathogens over and over providing lasting disinfection.


Bacoban® residual antimicrobial effect creates a smooth, clear coating, making regular cleaning easier. As each layer wears off with normal use, new molecules of disinfectant are released to provide additional protection.


Using a highly innovative and unique ‘controlled release’ mechanism, Bacoban® closes the hygiene gap, protecting the treated surface from microbial growth and virtually eliminating cross contamination between disinfection periods.

Ideal For Many Environments In Multiple Industries

Bacoban® is biocompatible (tested under GLP conditions according to DIN EN ISO10993-1) the Bacoban range is manufactured in Germany under the European Directive 93/42/EC and DIN 13485 - 2003MPG. Bacoban® can be applied to almost all surfaces including metals, ceramics, plastics, textiles etc.

Bacoban® closes the hygiene gap that arises between disinfection cycles. This allows for active infection control for an extended period. Moreover, Bacoban® reduces odors caused by bacteria.

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