• StarMem™ 4-6 15 x 20 mm

StarMem™ 4-6 15 x 20 mm Regenerative Collagen Membrane is a white, nonfriable, conformable membrane matrix engineered from highly purified type I collagen derived from porcine tendon. It is indicated for use in oral surgical procedures as a resorbable material for placement in the area of dental implant, bone defect or ridge reconstruction to aid in wound healing.

Product Features:

  • Resorbable in 4-6 months
  • Highly purified type I collagen
  • Highly biocompatible
  • Conformable and repositionable

StarMem 4-6 was developed with the thickness, density, permeability, mechanical strength and in vivo stability that are properly balanced so that its handeling characteristics are suitable for guided tissue and bone regeneration applications where the membrane can conform to the surfaces of mild irregularities. It is engineered to have a quicker resorption time of about 4-6 months. The semi-permeable membrane allows for nutrient exchange while providing a cell barrier to prevent epithelial down growth. It is flexible and conforms to the contours of the defect site. StarMem is supplied sterile for single-use only. StarMem 4-6 is manufactured by Collagen Matrix, Inc., Oakland, NJ.

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StarMem™ 4-6 15 x 20 mm

  • StarMem™ 4-6 15 x 20 mm
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