• Continuous Feedback Torque Wrench 15-80 Ncm

The Park Dental Continuous FeedBack Torque Wrench is designed for placing the Lew MDI System. This wrench is made out of a space age plastic that is heat resistant and has exceptional memory. It allows for repeated autoclaving without changing the properties of the material unlike metal torque wrenches.

In addition it allows for feedback between 15 and 80 NCM. This torque wrench is a very important feature of the system and is used throughout the insertion protocol. The torque wrench provides feedback to you at every turn of the implant placement giving you the continuous information necessary to determine if the implant has enough stability to be immediately placed into function. The Park Dental Continuous Feed Back Torque Wrench comes with a 4mm adaptor that makes it compatible with most implant systems in the market.

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Continuous Feedback Torque Wrench 15-80 Ncm

  • Continuous Feedback Torque Wrench
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