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Orchestrate 3D has the right solution for your aligner therapy needs, we provide cutting edge technology to give you complete control over aligner therapy in your practice. From intraoral scanners, aligner treatment planning software, and 3D printing we have the entire process covered. If you are not ready to in-source the entire manufacturing process, we also provide treatment planning, aligner manufacturing, and other services.

What's new? Our latest V6.0 software updates:
Usually staff's portion of the work Segmentation-Data Processing (model prep):Click HERE to view
***SEE WRITTEN MANUAL for detailed instructions***

Segmentation- data processing (model prep):

1) Import (upload) raw STL scanned impressions

2) Orient (models to snap views)

3) Polyline cut-remove around each arch

4) Auto Segment 

5) Simplify  (0.2 mb)

6) Use “deform” on the occlusal if any pink gum appears

7) Treatment Plan Tab- Align Gyroscopes in "Manual Align" 

Upper arch in bottom view

Lower arch in Top view

8) Click the transparency icon on the lower right. Move the gum slider to the right to remove gum. Go to the export tab and click "hole" to fill in the teeth making them solid. Fix any MAJOR 'gold/yellow' areas. .

Ready for tooth movement!! 

Data Processing Written Instructions Download: 

Click HERE to view

Treatment planning, label and export printable STL files: 
Usually for staff, miscellaneous videos:

O3D Patient Case Studies

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