Park Dental Research Corp.

Park Dental Research Corp.

Park Dental Research Corporation is a global leader in the development of 3D digital technology products and pioneering dental implant products.  It was established in New York City to research, design, develop, manufacture and market high quality devices for the dental market.


Uneven distribution of your bite caused by crooked teeth can result in jaw pain and injury. ...
Park Dental Research Tuesday 20 October, 2020
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JUELL™ Reline Material

Are you looking for good all-around chairside denture reline materials? Try our JUELL™ CURE hard and soft reline kits. Our dual cartridge system provides perfectly mixed, denture pink materials every time with the 1:1 mixing tips. Small or large jobs can be done in in an instant with no mixing or cl...
Park Dental Research Monday 07 September, 2020
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