Park Dental Research Implant Systems

Park Dental Research Implant Systems

Our products have been designed to improve patients' lives. Over the past five decades, Park Dental Research's product offerings have transformed the landscape of implant dentistry. Park Dental Research is routinely recognized for innovation in this industry.

Changing lives and increasing ROI with Lew™ MDI

The Lew Mini Dental Implants placed via a simple 4-step protocol, can be utilized as long-term fixtures, and in most cases, can be loaded immediately after placement. Placing Lew™ MDIs does not require bone grafts or opening a flap and the procedure is much less invasive than placing traditional imp...
Park Dental Research Wednesday 30 March, 2022
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JUELL™ Reline Material

Are you looking for good all-around chairside denture reline materials? Try our JUELL™ CURE hard and soft reline kits. Our dual cartridge system provides perfectly mixed, denture pink materials every time with the 1:1 mixing tips. Small or large jobs can be done in in an instant with no mixing or cl...
Park Dental Research Monday 07 September, 2020
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