Are you looking for good all-around chairside denture reline materials? Try our JUELL™ CURE Hard and Soft reline kits. Our dual cartridge system provides perfectly mixed, denture pink materials every time with the 1:1 mixing tips. Small or large jobs can be done in in an instant with no mixing or clean up required!

JUELL™ CURE Hard Reline Material

JUELL™ CURE Hard reline material is a hard cure acrylic ideal for use with the Lew™ MDI System for denture stabilization. It is a fast, easy, and convenient way to pick-up the MDI metal housings in the patient’s denture chairside.

The JUELL™ CURE Hard kit is exceptional for several reasons. First, the material is dispensed through an extruder gun that combines the two components using a disposable mixing tip. And because that tip has such a narrow opening, the application is clean, precise and wastes very little material.

Secondly, JUELL™ CURE sets up within 8 minutes inside the patient’s mouth without creating any heat. This saves the patient from the discomfort exothermic acrylics can cause.

Finally, there is no pungent, offensive odor with JUELL™ CURE reline materials and that’s something your patients will appreciate!

JUELL™ CURE Hard Reline material can also be used for routine relining of dentures, so it is the ideal material to keep on hand for your convenience and your patient’s comfort.

JUELL™ CURE Soft Reline Material

JUELL™ CURE Soft reline material is the perfect material for soft relines as well as use with the Lew™ MDI System when stabilizing a maxillary denture.

The patient’s denture is relieved and filled with JUELL™ CURE Soft, then placed inside the patient’s mouth over the MDI O-ball implants without the metal housings. The patient then applies steady and natural occlusion for 7 to 10 minutes while the silicone based reline material sets.

The  JUELL™ Soft reline material will create enough retention to secure the denture safely and allows the implants to start osseointegrating. In all maxillary cases, the use of JUELL™ CURE Soft is strongly recommended for the first six months after the implants are placed.

After the six-month healing phase, the soft reline material is removed, and the denture can be retrofitted with metal housings and The JUELL™ CURE Hard material. Some patients like this level of retention and comfort enough that they ask to skip the metal housings and have the soft reline material replaced.

In most mandibular cases, this step is not necessary. The dentist can immediately load the denture with metal housings and The JUELL™ CURE Hard pick-up material; however, if there is any uncertainty about the immediate stability in one or more of the sites, JUELL™ CURE Soft should be used.

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