October 1st is World Smile Day

The first Friday of every October is World Smile Day. World Smile Day celebrates acts of kindness, spreading good will, and of course, smiles!

In 1963, commercial artist Harvey Ball designed the original smiley face to help boost moral in workers. Since then, hundreds of emoticons and different smile designs have been created. The smiley face has become one of the most well-known symbols in the world.  Ball noticed that the popularity of the smiley face was causing it to move away from his original intent of happiness and goodwill. So, in 1999, he created World Smile Day. The celebration of the day was to be simple but effective: to use the day to smile and spread small acts of kindness. Harvey wanted to reinforce the human nature of the smiley face by encouraging people to personally share real smiles with each other.

What are some activities you can do to celebrate World Smile Day?

Do something charitable

Spend some time volunteering around the community. You might join or help a local organization in your area, or you might do something as simple as picking up discarded trash. Any simple or little thing you can do to help something or someone else will make the world that much better.


Do something special for yourself

Spend some time today doing something you really enjoy for yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to make time for ourselves and we tend to put our hopes and dreams on the shelf. Today, pick up the instrument you haven’t played in a while, paint a picture, or do anything that resonates with you and will make you smile.


Commit a Random Act of Kindness

This doesn’t have to be anything expensive or extravagant. You can complement a co-worker’s outfit, help a stranger, or even share a smile. Smiles are free! You’d be surprised how a simple act of kindness could change someone’s day or impact their life.


Fun fact: Did you know that 470 different smileys were created for internet emoticons in 1999?

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