The Best Aligner for Every Patient:

Fixed orthodontics and fixed wire braces are still an effective treatment, and in extreme or difficult cases, still the best option. However, clear aligners are becoming an ever more popular method for treating minor to moderate orthodontic issues or orthodontic relapses. Clear aligners are custom-made and removeable giving patients the ability to remove them to eat and drink throughout the day - or in the case of Nighttime Wear Aligners – to only wear them 10 or more hours each night. Park Dental Aligners™ offers both Continuous Wear Aligners and Nighttime Wear Aligners to give you and your patients options and flexibility. 


Park Dental Continuous Wear Aligners

Grow your dental practice and improve your digital workflow by incorporating our profitable, predictable, clear aligner therapy into your practice offerings. Park Dental Aligners™ will provide your patients with a great way to straighten their teeth without the constant appointments needed for braces, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional orthodontics.

Continuous Wear Aligners are lightweight and discreet. The thin material (0.30” thickness) makes them comfortable to wear and nearly invisible. These aligners are generally worn for 20-22 hours per day. They are ideal for correcting misalignments and treatment times generally range from six to 18 months.


Park Dental Dream Aligners

Park Dental Dream™ Aligners are the perfect solution for patients with mild orthodontic relapse or for those who prefer a more discreet, comfortable, convenient way to straighten their teeth. This allows patients the freedom to speak clearly, eat and drink, and smile freely during the day. Park Dental Dream™ Aligners are an ideal solution for mild crowding and spacing issues providing multiple treatment plan options with the same great results.

Park Dental Dream™ Aligners are only worn at night, which generally increases patient compliance. They are worn for around 10 hours per day, mostly while sleeping. While the wear time is shorter, treatment time is generally the same. The main reasons for this are because nighttime aligners are indicated for milder corrections, they are made of a thicker, stronger material (0.35” thickness) and because of the nighttime wear, the aligners remain in place and there is less movement of the facial muscles during these hours.

Advantages of Park Dental™ Continuous Wear Aligners

Adaptability: For cases with more moderate to serious misalignment, Park Dental Aligners continuous wear aligners will be the better option.

Cost: Continuous Wear Aligners are slightly less expensive than Nighttime Wear Aligners because the material is not quite as thick and therefore easier to process.

Progress: Continuous Wear Aligners achieve predictable results and have a proven track record. It’s possible to see progress at an early stage of the treatment process which is encouraging for the patient.

Advantages of Nighttime Wear Aligners

Convenience: Park Dental Dream™ Aligners are a patient favorite because they only minimally affect their daily routine. They can even improve daily hygiene routines when patients brush at night before inserting the aligners and then again in the morning after removing them.

Invisible: Some people may have concerns about others seeing them wearing clear aligners or how it might impact their careers or social life if their speech is even slightly affected. With Dream™ Aligners, since they are only worn at night, no one will know that they are undergoing aligner treatment; this helps to ease their concerns.

Clean Teeth: With traditional braces, there is a higher risk of dental disease or staining and it is often more difficult to completely clean around the braces. With Clear Aligners, patients can brush and floss normally. Because many patients want to whiten their teeth while they are being straightened, all Park Dental Aligner and Dream Aligner kits come with a complementary whitening kit.

Which Option Should I Choose?

There are advantages to either option, but the decision should primarily depend on the orthodontic issue at hand. Minor to moderate cases can be successfully treated with Nighttime Wear Aligners, however, Continuous Wear Aligners may be better suited for more intensive cases. Your patient may also have concerns or preferences based on their schedule, routine, and lifestyle.

No matter which style you choose, our straightforward, economical pricing makes giving quotes a snap. Park Dental Aligners are a great addition to any practice that is looking to increase their revenue without risk and without increasing chair time. By adding just one aligner case per week, your practice revenue will increase by at least $30,000 in a year. The US clear aligner market is expected to grow from $651.23 million in 2019 to $1,766.45 million by 2027. You deserve a slice of that pie!

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