Chairside Reline with Lew™ MDI

While there are a variety of uses for a chairside reline, one of the most effective is in conjunction with the placement of Lew MDI implants. MDI implants and JUELL Cure reline material are the perfect combination for stabilizing a patient’s denture in a non-invasive, simplified, and affordable way. Retrofitting their existing denture is a tried and true path to lower the cost and allow the patient the time to adjust to the implants before receiving a new denture as well. The patient can come in with a loose denture in the morning and find themselves eating lunch with a tissue supported, implant retained denture by the early afternoon.

Chairside Denture Reline is Now Easier than Ever!

In the past, the reline process was a hassle and a mess. Reline materials were smelly, messy, and could even burn soft tissues. Because of these concerns, clinicians were much more likely to take an impression and send it to a dental lab. However, this left patients without their dentures for a few days and the lab fees were expensive. Other concerns with sending off the case were the chance of the denture base warping or occlusal difficulties.

JUELL™ Cure Hard and JUELL™ Cure Soft have changed the game. Our reline materials are easy to use and set quickly with low odor, no heat generation, and no bad taste, making chairside denture relines simple, cost-effective, and more convenient for you and your patients. The benefits of performing chairside relines are numerous:

Convenience for Your Patients

Patients will spend less time in the chair, and they won’t have to part with their dentures, which can be a major inconvenience, even if only for one day. There is no need to outsource the process to a lab and the straightforward process can be completed within the same day. A single appointment - instead of several - reduces chair time for you and your patient.

New Source of Income for You

Dentists are always excited to find ways they can improve and increase their business. The ability to perform soft or hard reline procedures will set you apart from your competitors. Patients looking for the most cost-effective and convenient option will happily come to your practice.

Financial Savings for You and Your Patients

Due to low product cost, and the elimination of lab fees, JUELL™ reline materials provide huge savings potential, reducing overhead costs. Our cartridges fit into a standard Type 2 extruder gun, so there’s no need for special equipment. The included dispensing tips combine the components to ensure a proper mix, controlled application, and less product wasted, which adds to the savings.

Our Materials Make Chairside Denture Reline Easier than Ever

JUELL™ Cure Hard Reline material is easy to apply, clean, precise, and sets up within 8 minutes inside the patient’s mouth without creating any heat. The patient will not experience the discomfort exothermic acrylics can cause.

JUELL Cure Soft is also easy to apply, clean, precise, and sets up within 7-10 minutes. The JUELL Cure Soft reline will create enough retention to secure the denture safely and allows the implants to start osseointegration.

Simple Process – Great Results

If you’d like to learn more about this patient-pleasing, practice-enhancing procedure, join us at one of our training courses this year.

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