Improve your patient’s quality of life

The Lew Mini Dental Implants placed via a simple 4-step protocol, can be utilized as long-term fixtures, and in most cases, can be loaded immediately after placement. Placing Lew™ MDIs does not require bone grafts or opening a flap and the procedure is much less invasive than placing traditional implants. They are also more affordable than other implants, both for you and your patient, meaning you can help a wider population who otherwise would not be able to afford treatment. Whether placing a single implant or retaining a full denture, the entire procedure can often be completed in only one office visit. This means that you may see a patient in the morning, secure their dentures, and by that afternoon they have the freedom once again to eat solid foods, talk, and laugh without concern of their dentures falling out. Don’t be surprised when patients return to personally thank you because a simple procedure changed their quality of life for the better.


Increase your practice’s bottom line

By spending one hour to retain one denture per week, your practice can earn an extra $160,000+ a year. The low cost and high quality of Lew MDI implants allows you to provide affordable implant services to your patients while yielding a high return on your investment. Our hands-on training courses will teach you everything you need to get started placing Lew™ Mini Dental Implants in as little as one day. By integrating Lew™ MDIs into your practice, you are not only adding a new source of income, but also “turning denture patients into dental patients”. These patients will now return regularly for cleaning, maintenance, and oral exams.


Convenient chairside reline

With JUELL™ reline materials, it is convenient and easy to perform retrofits and denture relines chairside. Patients will spend less time in the chair, and they won’t have to part with their dentures, which can be a major inconvenience, even if only for one day. There is no need to outsource the process to a lab and the straightforward process can be completed within the same day. A single appointment - instead of several - reduces chair time for you and your patient.

Chairside Reline Made Easy with JUELL™ CURE Reline Materials
While there are a variety of uses for a chairside reline, one of the most effective is in conjunction with the placement of Lew MDI implants....
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