Misaligned teeth can cause embarrassing difficulties with speech and can also make you feel self-conscious about your smile. Smiling less may make others see you as less friendly, less approachable, or less professional. Having a better, straighter smile can improve your quality of life in so many ways. If you have a straight, beautiful, confident smile and clear speech, this will boost your self-confidence and increase your chances of success in personal and professional relationships.

Straight teeth give a positive impression to everyone you meet. When teeth are properly aligned, they look healthier. This sends a positive message to others about your commitment to oral hygiene and self-care in general; as well as giving you a more polished and put together appearance. This can increase self-confidence and self-esteem, helping you feel happier and more outgoing.

When you have straighter teeth and a better smile, you’ll want to share it more often. We’ve all heard that when we smile, our brain releases endorphins (the chemical that creates a good mood), but did you know that research has shown that this happens even when we fake a smile? It’s time to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’! Research has also shown that people who smile often add an average of 3 years to their life.

If adding three years to your life sounds good, just wait for our next piece of news! We’ve already discovered that proper tooth alignment helps keep your teeth cleaner and healthier, making it easier for you to keep your natural teeth. People who have their natural teeth live ten years longer, on average, than those who wear dentures!

The Solution

It’s easy to list the reasons that everyone should have straight teeth, but now everyone can afford straight teeth, too! Park Dental Aligners are available for a fraction of the cost of other well-known aligner brands without compromising quality.

With Park Dental Aligners, you can achieve a smile with properly aligned teeth without the discomfort, frustration, and awkwardness of brackets and wires. Clear aligners are practically invisible and can move teeth as rapidly (or even more so) than traditional braces. Plus, they are removable for brushing, eating and special occasions.

Did we mention that each Park Dental Aligner kit comes with a Professional Teeth Whitening Kit? Get your best smile and live your best life! What are you waiting for?

Tell your doctor that you want a Park Dental Smile – today!
For more information visit: mysmile.parkdentalaligners.com

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