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Local company joining effort to safeguard nation’s health workers

Ardmore based company, Park Dental Research has shifted their focus and joined the effort to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Normally a manufacturer of dental implants, 3D printers and dental aligners; the company is concentrating its efforts to increasing the safety of those fighting to end COVID-19. The company is making over 5,000 face shields that will be distributed to medical personnel in New York City and Los Angeles, with another 10,000 to follow.

As a manufacturer of medical and dental devices, the quality standards are in place and the employees are up to the task. The JUELL 3D printer manufactured by Park Dental is the workhorse for producing this necessary protective equipment for the front lines of this battle. General Manager, Daniel Taylor and Technical Support Manager, Cory Pickens stepped out of their regular roles to get this project going and ensure that the face shields are made as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of the product. Modifications and improvements were made using specialized 3D printing software to an existing pattern and using their creativity and ingenuity, Taylor and Pickens worked out the rest of the details.

Park Dental Research has its roots and a sales office in New York City so there was never a question about helping out. When asked about getting involved in this effort, Park Dental’s President and CEO Ron Bulard said, “As soon as we recognized the need, we wanted to help. We’ve been working to get the approval for importing and distributing a long-term disinfectant spray, but that wasn’t letting us help quickly enough. We were willing to retool our CNC machines to make ventilator parts, but a lot of companies were already doing that. With the talent we have here, this was a project that was easy to get behind and can deliver results quickly. I’m proud of the work these guys have done.”

As one of the few critical medical device manufacturers in Southern Oklahoma, Bulard says that the company is taking every precaution recommended by federal, state and local authorities to keep their employees safe during this time. “We want to make sure that we’re still up and running and able to help when the need reaches this area.”

Park Dental Research Corporation is a dental implant and 3D technology company with a pioneering spirit established to research, design, develop, manufacture and market high quality devices. Over the past five decades Park Dental Research's products have transformed the landscape of implant dentistry, 3D technology and aligner fabrication.