Park Dental Research Corp
Park Dental Research Brings Over 5 Decades of Quality, Reliability, and Innovation

Our History
In our first 50 years, our product offerings have transformed the landscape of implant dentistry, 3D technology and aligner fabrication.

Dr. Wimmer was a practicing dentist in Germany but moved to the United States and opened Park Dental Studios which would become the epicenter of the dental implant revolution. Working with all the great minds of the day, Dr. Wimmer was instrumental in the advancement of implant dentistry.

1960s -
Park Dental Studios was the epicenter of the dental implant revolution. Dr. Wimmer worked closely with the great minds of the time (such as Linkow, Lew, Misch, Sendax, Balkin and others) to bring about many historically significant changes and advancements to the field of implantology.

Dr. Victor Sendax invents mini dental implants and a minimally invasive surgical protocol. Dr. Sendax is the holder of four US patents in dental implants.

Founding of IMTEC® Dr. Ron Bulard co-founded IMTEC Corporation and modified the Sendax MDI design to include the “O-ball” concept, resulting in the granting of one of the seven US patents he holds in the field of dentistry.

MDI (Mini Dental Implant) was launched ...

Align Technology uses FlashCT® technology from Hytec Inc, an IMTEC Imagingcompany and distributed by Kodak, is incorporated into the Invisalign manufacturing process.

IMTEC® becomes IMTEC®, a 3M Company. 3M ESPE purchases IMTEC Corporation, making Dr. Bulard the President of IMTEC, a 3M company.

Dr. Bulard is appointed the CEO and president of Park Dental Research, succeeding its founder, Dr. Jack Wimmer.

Building on experience from IMTEC Imaging and adding the newest technological advances, Park Dental adds CT Scanning services and 3D printers to its lineup.

Park Dental uses its 3D printers and specially developed software to begin manufacturing clear aligners for various brands. The company controls its own supply chain from the mixing of resin and manufacturing of 3D printer parts, to the assembly of printers and creation and installation of software.

Park Dental Research® helps clinicians compete with do-it-yourself discount aligner brands by using its expertise in aligner fabrication to launch Park Dental Aligners and Dream Aligners providing professional treatment plans and top-quality aligners at manufacturer direct pricing.

Great things are on the horizon for this innovative company! Expect to see multiple product launches in 2021, including an implant line to solve for the difficulty of placing implants in a narrow ridge

Experience & Expertise

Park Dental Research continues to raise the bar by delivering quality products and unparalleled service. Founded in 1967 by the late Dr.Jack Wimmer, a highly respected and historically significant innovator and contributor to the dental profession, Park Dental Research remains one of the most widely known and respected dental laboratories in the country. Dr. Wimmer helped develop subperiosteal implants and has conducted many lectures throughout the world. He introduced several innovative products that continue to shape the field of dentistry and is responsible for introducing to the profession, the use of radiofrequency glow discharge for sterilizing and cleaning the surface of dental implants. + More on Dr. Wimmer

Pioneers in Dentistry
The Innovation Continues

CEO, president, and board-certified implantologist, Dr. Ron Bulard took the helm of Park Dental Research in 2011 and has extended its portfolio to include 3D technology, 3D Printers, Dental Aligners and SiOban, the next generation of disinfectant providing lasting disinfection for up to 10 days*.

Dr. Bulard, former president of IMTEC, a 3M company, is better known throughout dentistry for designing and manufacturing a wide variety of dental specialty products such as mini dental implants, root-form endosseous dental implants, drills, prosthetics, lab components and more.

IMTEC History

Recognized for innovation in the field of dentistry and cone-beam CT advancement, IMTEC Imaging, a division of IMTEC, helped build scanning technology for NASA, the Dept. of Defense, the Dept. of Energy, the National Institute for Standards & Technology, and the FBI. Our CBCT scanning process uses the same technology that supports Align Technologies’ Invisalign orthodontic solution. Delivering more than experience and expertise, Park Dental Research continues to be a driving force in the quest to deliver cost-effective high-quality products.


IMTEC History

The Right Company Changes Everything Today Park Dental Research provides a wide range of products and services backed by over 50 years of experience specialized in dental implants, high speed, 3-D x-ray computed tomography equipment manufacture, design engineering and precision x-ray scanning services. Park Dental Research continues to lead the way with a mission to provide innovative high-quality dental products and solutions to dental professionals.


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